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Fencing Classes

Mission Fencing Center offers a wide range of fencing classes for students of all ages in Suffolk County.

Competitive Fencing Classes

Our fencing classes at Mission Fencing Center take place in a safe and fun environment where every fencer can become successful athletes. Our base curriculum ensure that each student develops the necessary skills and strategies to effectively compete against another fencer. 

As students are made to work in teams, they gradually learn to identify their individual strengths, weaknesses and develop self-discipline.

Developing the necessary skills and strategies to compete against another fencer

Fencing Classes Suffolk Country
 Fencing Classes Long Island

Become a Proficient Fencer

Fencing is a fun and competitive sport that carries several social, emotional, cognitive and physical benefits. At Mission Fencing Center our fencing classes ensure that every student grows to become proficient fencers who can compete at local, regional, national and international levels. 

We welcome students of all ages and abilities to come and learn fencing with our highly qualified teachers.

We welcome students of all ages and abilities


Why Learn Fencing?

  • Develop balance and physical strength
  • Reach your best potential 
  • Become self-disciplined
  • Work in teams to learn specific fencing coordination
  • Develop individual tactics and strategies

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