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Fencing Classes for Children and Adults Suffolk County

Welcome to Mission Fencing Center

Established in 2001 as a renowned fencing center, we offer fencing classes to students of all ages and abilities.

About Mission Fencing Center

Founded by Jeffrey and Jennie Salmon, Mission Fencing Center is one of the eight clubs in the nation to be named ‘Best Fencing Club’ in all weapons : sabre, foil and epee. Our fencing coaches are not only highly experienced athletes themselves but have trained athletes to be champions on all levels, from local to international.

We offer a variety of fencing classes from beginners to experienced, from children to adults, athletes seeking to compete seriously or individuals who would simply like to learn and play a new sport.

Master the art of fencing using sabre, foil and epee

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Fencing Classes

Fencing is enjoyed around the world by many people as a hobby and sport. At Mission Fencing Center we welcome children, teenagers and adults in a fun and playful environment where they can enjoy a physical and mental challenge while building their confidence, social skills, and academic future.

It is a very safe combat sport that offers participants a number of physical, emotional, mental and social benefits balancing mind, body and spirit. To top it off, you get to play with swords!

Enroll in our fencing classes today.

A safe combat sport that carries a number of benefits

Benefits of Fencing:

  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Become more agile and alert
  • Enhanced focus
  • Deal with adversity with tactics
  • Develop strategic and flexible moves
  • collegiate recruitment 

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